Visual thinking for Human-Centred Design

Unlock your creativity, communicate with impact and enhance the capability in your design practice. Created for researchers, designers and design facilitators.

Online learning experience

3 weeks
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    Visual thinking is a toolkit that enhances your key abilities as a designer: Communication, Problem Solving, Storytelling, Collaboration and Persuasion

    The Experience

    Visual Thinking for Human-Centred Design is a 21-day online learning experience designed around practical applications, daily practice and social learning.

    Course takeaways:
    • Become proficient at communicating and solving problems visually
    • Make sense of complexity and translate it into meaningful stories using sketching and other visual techniques
    • Apply the skills to a work-related project and receive feedback from your course peers
    • See case studies and methods shared by 8 senior practitioners

    Designed for:

    • Practicing design researchers, UX designers, service designers and design facilitators.
    • Drawing skills of any level; what’s key is a willing attitude to learn and share your findings with peers.
    • Flexible learning format; join live sessions or learn at your own pace.
    • 3–4 hours a week over three weeks.


    The topics

    Week 1

    Core skills

    How to draw: a tutorial

    Visual representations of ideas

    Visual communication and storyboarding
    Mapping and map design
    Visual metaphor and storytelling
    • How to draw: a tutorial
    • Visual representations of ideas
    • Visual communication and storyboarding
    • Mapping and map design
    • Visual metaphor and storytelling

    Week 2

    Applications in design

    Capstone project: Applying your newfound powers

    Visual thinking in design research

    Visual thinking in user experience design

    Visual thinking in service design

    Visual thinking for collaboration

    • Capstone project: Applying your newfound powers
    • Visual thinking in design research
    • Visual thinking in user experience design
    • Visual thinking in service design
    • Visual thinking for collaboration

    Week 3

    Advanced visual thinking and practice

    From sketches to illustrations

    Creativity and forming new ideas

    Sketchnoting and practice

    Community of practice

    • From sketches to illustrations
    • Creativity and forming new ideas
    • Sketchnoting and practice
    • Community of practice


    Justin Cheong
    Your instructor:
    Justin Cheong
    Educator and Founder,
    Visual Academy
    Justin Cheong is a multi-disciplinary designer, educator and an editorial illustrator for the Adobe Design Blog.
    Since 2014, Justin has consulted for over 30+ companies whilst applying visual thinking to his design research, user experience and service design work. He has taught UX, sketching and sketchnoting for the past 5 years, including to students at General Assembly.


    This course contains case studies and contributions from practicing designers and visual thinkers. Special thanks to:

    Brian Kuzmanoski

    Ethan Fisher

    Jodie Moule

    Josh Smith

    Justin Cheong

    Harriet McDougall

    Mike Rohde

    Will Farrier

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